Types of Therapy

There are many different kinds of counselling and psychotherapy. You may find it confusing to understand the difference and choose a therapist. So, we have compiled this short guide to some of the popular approaches on TherapyHub.ie.
Integrative Therapy
Integrative therapy combines approaches to find a way to best meet your goals. Integrative therapists believe that no one approach suits everyone. They can work with you to find strategies that work for you.
Integrative therapy might focus on:

Integrative therapy is suitable for working on many mental health issues. This approach is suitable whether you want to work on anxiety or life-related issues.
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)
CBT helps you understand the link between your thoughts, feelings and behaviour. Therapists who practice CBT believe certain thought patterns and behaviour can cause distress. So, the aim of CBT therapy is for you to find ways of thinking and behaving that benefit rather than harm you.
The therapeutic focus of CBT includes:
CBT is time-focused which means you may have a set amount of sessions. Your therapist may also give you work to do outside your sessions.
Client /Person-Centred Therapy
Client-centred therapists believe that you can make a change in your own life. But to do this, they must have a supportive environment. The role of the therapist is to support rather than direct.
The focus of client-centred therapy includes:
The client-centred approach is sometimes called ‘client-centred therapy.’ All this means is that you are in charge of your therapy. Your therapist facilitates this process.
Humanistic Therapy
Humanistic therapists believe people are essentially good. In suitable environments, people can make decisions that are right for themselves.
Humanistic therapy focuses on:
Person/client centred therapy and humanistic therapy are very similar. This is because they both come from the same school of psychology. Both emphasise that you are the expert on your own life. Humanistic therapy differs in focusing on your life today rather than your past.
Solution-Focused Brief Therapy
Solution-focused therapy helps people find what they want in life. The goal is to develop steps to achieve it. Where many areas of therapy look at the past, SFBT is focused on the present and future.
The focus of solution-focused therapy is:
Solution-focused brief therapy is considered short-term therapy. It can also be used in combination with other kinds of therapy.
Psychodynamic Therapy
Psychodynamics is a type of therapy that analyses a person’s thoughts and feelings. Therapists believe unconscious thoughts and unmet needs cause distress. Therapy aims to make you aware of what your unconscious is trying to tell you.
Psychodynamic therapy focuses on:
It is sometimes referred to as psychoanalysis and associated with Sigmund Freud. But psychoanalysis is just one school of psychodynamics.
Other Therapies
Other than those listed above, there are many types of therapy. You may find one kind of therapy helpful but not others. It can also take a while to find the therapy approach that suits you. Other types of therapy include:
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